Fleas and ticks: A danger to you and your pet

Published: 27th January 2012
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Fleas and ticks are the scourge of your animal's and families' wellness and love of existence. The irritation caused by these pests can make your pet uncomfortable. But there is more than misery that these annoying nuisances can cause; they also pass on disease to you and your household.

Fleas can make their habitation anywhere. Your domicile is like a welcome mat to fleas as fleas can multiply vigorously at room temperature. Fleas can exist for a drawn-out period without a food source.

As they journey from area to area, fleas and ticks may pick up an malady from one animal and infect you and your four-legged friend. The first line of defense against an infestation is flea and tick protection. Frontline spray for pets is a very low-cost, easy-to-use way to aid in keeping things under control. It can be used on your pet and their bedding. Frontline spray can be applied your companion as early as eight weeks no matter what size or species they are. No longer do you have to pay money for multiple products, one size fits all. You can even use it on horses for tick protection.

As previously noted, they are not just a nuisance but a risk to you and your pets. Here are a few of the diseases they can carry to your happy home.

Cat Scratch Fever: This illness can be transmitted a couple of ways. If your feline has been bitten by a flea that has ingested the blood of an infected creature, your feline can also become infected. If your infected cat scratches or bites you, then you may be exposed to the disease. Another way is if an infected flea leaves behind waste in your cat's fur and you rub your cat contaminating your hands, later you wipe your eyes again you have opened yourself to infection.

Tapeworms: Horrible creatures that can be transferred from fleas to pets and humans alike. Your pets would most probable be exposed to this while chewing at fleas and swallowing an infected flea. While the probability of conveyance from your pet to you is low, the risk is still there.

Flea Bite Dermatitis: Causes a rash-like response that is very itchy for both human and animal alike. In animals, it may also lead to hot spots opening the door to secondary infections, while in humans may also cause hives and secondary infections.

Typhus: Fleas that have contact with rodents infected with typhus can also transfer it to your pets. The flea feeds on your pet and leaves waste in their fur. You may be contaminated if you have an open injury that comes into contact with the waste.

Bubonic Plague: Fleas feed on an infected animal that has the plague. The flea bites you, now you are susceptible to the disease. It can also bite on your pets and your pet could infect you.

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever: This is a bacterial contagion caused by the dog tick. This can be a grave and life-threatening disease and affects humans and pets alike.

Lyme Disease and Southern Tick: Lyme disease is caused by the deer tick, the most normal of all tick-related diseases. While the southern tick is caused by the lone star tick. When a human is infected, the bite is normally marked by a bull's eye. Causes stiff joints in both human and pet along with other ailments if not treated.

Although the risks may be minimal, my family has had personal experiences with three of the above-mentioned diseases. The best offense is invariably a good defense. Frontline spray for pets is a outstanding first line of defense. If you would like more information on this product, please visit us at www.frontlinesprayforpets.com!

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